The 12 Most Damaging Mistakes Holding Your Network Marketing Company Back (and How to Fix Them)

The 12 Mistakes Holding Your Network Marketing Back & How to Fix Them

Running a network marketing company comes with many complex challenges, but falling prey to common yet avoidable mistakes can really hold your business back from reaching its potential.

After consulting with dozens and dozens of network marketing companies, I’ve seen even the most successful ones make costly errors that sabotage growth.

In this comprehensive blog post, you’ll discover the 12 most common and impactful mistakes I regularly encounter, along with actionable solutions to help you avoid or recover from each misstep.

Correcting these issues can significantly improve conversion rates, distributor retention, and revenue growth.

Mistake #1: Compensation Plans Not Built for Distributor Success

One of the biggest early pitfalls is rolling out a compensation plan misaligned with your distributors’ underlying motivations and needs.

Plans too heavily weighted towards recruitment over product sales lead many distributors to become “business opportunity collectors” jumping from one company to the next.

Complicated multi-tier commission structures with hard-to-reach incentive thresholds also drive quick churn. A study by Direct Selling Association found that compensation plan satisfaction directly correlated to 85% higher retention.

How to Fix It:

  • Conduct in-depth surveys and interviews with your distributors to understand what income opportunities and reward structures truly excite them.
  • Hire an experienced network marketing consultant to help objectively evaluate your compensation plan and provide guidance on improvements. An outside perspective is invaluable.
  • Find the right balance between lucrative recruitment commissions and steady retail profit earnings. Both are important.
  • Set advancement tiers and bonuses at realistic and achievable levels to avoid frustration.
  • Continuously test changes and get feedback from top leaders when tweaking your plan. Increased earnings potential drives recruitment and retention.

Mistake #2: Underinvestment in Training and Development Programs

Many network marketing companies pour tremendous resources into acquiring new distributors but don’t invest enough into actively developing skills and leadership abilities long-term.

This lack of training leads to distributors never reaching their potential, stalled team growth, and high churn. One study found approximately 50% of distributors quit within the first year due to lack of training and support.

How to Fix It:

  • Build comprehensive training programs covering product knowledge, effective sales tactics, digital marketing skills, recruiting, and leadership development.
  • Offer live virtual training sessions at least weekly on topics your distributors request. Recording sessions allows on-demand viewing later.
  • Launch a digital learning platform like Teachable with on-demand video courses distributors can consume anytime.
  • Develop mentorship programs to pair up new recruits with experienced leaders who can provide 1-on-1 coaching and motivation.
  • Foster community engagement through private Facebook groups, Slack channels, meetups, and events. Camaraderie increases retention.
  • Set clear advancement paths and requirements to progress through rankings/leadership levels by mastering skills.

Robust training transforms motivation into competence. It gives members the blueprint to achieve sustainable success.

Mistake #3: Overreliance on Manual Processes and Spreadsheets

In the beginning, managing a network marketing company through spreadsheets seems efficient.

But as the business scales, continuing to track distributors, commissions, rank progressions, inventory, and more manually becomes unwieldy.

Lack of automation leads to errors, duplicated efforts, and limited visibility into key performance metrics needed to guide growth.

How to Fix It:

  • Transition to software solutions designed specifically for multi-level marketing companies:
  • CRM: Manage contacts, track prospect/distributor interactions
  • Commission calculation: Automate payouts accurately
  • Reporting: Gain insights with sales, recruiting, and team analytics
  • Email marketing: Send engaging broadcast and sequenced messages
  • Integrate systems into a centralized tech stack so data flows seamlessly.
  • Use cloud storage for training materials, product guides, marketing collateral so new versions are instantly available company-wide.
  • Set up live chatbots to handle common distributor questions 24/7.

The right technology stack adds efficiency across all aspects of operations. Systemization is a requirement for managing rapid growth.

Mistake #4: Non-Compliance with Regulations

Every country and region has complex laws and regulations around operating a network marketing company.

Failing to adhere to licensing and direct selling requirements, restrictions on income claims, mandated commission caps, prohibited activities, and more opens huge legal risks.

Fines, shutdowns, and reputational damage from non-compliance could completely sink your business.

How to Fix It:

  • Thoroughly research all legal requirements for jurisdictions you operate in or plan to expand into. Requirements vary greatly globally.
  • Consult experienced legal counsel to ensure your compensation plan, sales processes, and marketing activities are fully compliant.
  • Conduct comprehensive due diligence on potential expansion locations and assess regulatory risk. Some countries ban network marketing outright.
  • Monitor legal precedent cases involving other MLMs to stay atop how regulations are interpreted and enforced.
  • Purchase errors and omissions insurance to hedge risk if non-compliant behavior does occur despite best efforts.
  • Train distributors on importance of adhering to company policies and local laws regarding sales claims, marketing tactics, taxes, etc.

Operating ethically and legally is the only path to sustainable success. Don’t let non-compliance destroy all you’ve built in an instant.

Mistake #5: Investing Too Heavily in The Wrong Marketing Channels

With so many potential advertising and marketing channels today, companies can burn budgets on tactics generating plenty of impressions but little in qualified sign-ups.

Without tracking lead quality and acquisition costs, you may be overinvesting in channels providing awareness but weak conversion.

How to Fix It:

  • Closely monitor cost per lead and cost per acquisition metrics for each channel – SEO, social media, events, referrals, influencers, etc.
  • Reduce spending on channels with the weakest conversion rates and highest costs. Double down on most efficient sources.
  • Test all new channels incrementally at small scale first before increasing budgets.
  • Look beyond surface impressions and vanity metrics to evaluate quality of subscribers generated. A smaller number of engaged, targeted prospects is ideal.
  • Ensure proper tracking is implemented to accurately tie sign-ups and recruits back to original sources, otherwise allocation gets murky.
  • Platforms like Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and Zoho Analytics make monitoring marketing ROI across channels easy.

Marketing success is measured in profitable customers acquired, not vanity metrics like reach and likes. Optimizing spending allocation to proven lead drivers is crucial.

Mistake #6: Dropping the Ball on Initial Experience

First impressions make a lasting impact. But many network marketing companies fail to deliver an incredible experience in the critical initial period after a prospect joins.

Without proper onboarding and guidance early on, even enthusiastic new recruits quickly become disengaged and churn before gaining traction.

How to Fix It:

  • Design an exceptional customer experience from first contact through enrollment and initial training.
  • Nurture prospects with valuable content that builds desire before pitching too aggressively.
  • Set clear expectations around work levels needed to earn desired income. Transparency builds trust.
  • Ensure seamless signup process, then promptly deliver welcome packages with tools and resources.
  • Schedule kickoff calls to activate new members with excitement while knowledge is fresh.
  • Accelerate ramp up with thorough training the first 30 days on products, compensation, proven sales tactics, and helpful technology.
  • Assign mentors to provide personal motivation and assist with goal-setting during the critical launch phase.
  • Collect feedback through surveys and stay in open dialogue to tackle any onboarding issues immediately.

Strong support early on increases new distributor retention by 80% on average according to DSA research. A phenomenal entrance experience pays dividends.

Mistake #7: Subpar Social Media Presence

While most network marketing companies maintain active social media pages today, many don’t implement best practices around content, engagement, and community building.

This results in modest follower counts, low engagement rates, and minimal lead generation – squandering the platform potential.

How to Fix It:

  • Post valuable content consistently. Mix promotional posts with equal educational, motivational and lifestyle content.
  • Incentivize distributors to share user generated content like product reviews or opportunity success stories. UGC builds authenticity.
  • Respond quickly to comments and questions. Being present shows customers you care.
  • Use hashtags strategically relevant to your audience to extend reach and participate in larger conversations.
  • Partner with social media influencers in your market to collaborate on content and sponsorships spreading brand awareness.
  • Train distributors on personal branding techniques and provide shareable content to spread brand messaging to their networks.
  • Run occasional advertising campaigns targeting competitors’ customers and lookalike audiences.
  • Analyze performance regularly. Double down on types of content that receive the most engagement and clicks.

An omni-channel social presence that informs, inspires, and interacts with audiences drives more sign-ups and referrals than pure promotions ever could.

Mistake #8: Letting Distributor Complaints and Concerns Fester

Nothing destroys engagement across an organization faster than leaders turning a deaf ear to problems.

Being unresponsive to distributor complaints or concerns causes rapid churn even among formerly loyal members.

How to Fix It:

  • Be available to address issues one-on-one in a timely manner through calls, messaging, forums etc.
  • Collect feedback through surveys and stay plugged into team pulse. Nip problems before they escalate.
  • Take all concerns seriously. Communicate how issues are being investigated and resolved. Transparency defuses tensions.
  • Host open roundtable discussions to hear frustrations and brainstorm collaborative solutions.
  • Appoint liaisons in different regions distributors can easily reach.
  • Roll out updated policies addressing systemic problems if needed.

Keeping an open line of communication and being responsive reveals minor problems that can be corrected before they ruin engagement long-term.

Mistake #9: Fuzzy Rank Advancement Paths

Network marketing companies often introduce rankings like Gold, Platinum, Diamond, President, etc to motivate leaders.

But without explaining qualification details and recognition procedures, the ranks remain arbitrary titles producing confusion, not momentum.

How to Fix It:

  • Establish advancement tiers with clear prerequisites around team size, personal sales volumes, recruiting targets, leadership responsibilities and more to reach each level.
  • Widely communicate these roadmaps across the organization. Ensure requirements are easy for distributors to access and understand at any time.
  • Recognize each new rank achievement publicly on team calls, social media, and through badges/certificates. Reinforce progress.
  • Set realistic targets allowing continual advancement. Requirements for the top tiers should remain obtainable, not become virtually unattainable.
  • Develop training and mentoring programs to help emerging leaders successfully reach the next rank and beyond. Guidance fuels growth.

Clear expectations of what it takes to reach elite ranks makes the journey non-intimidating. Distributors understand the skills they need to develop and work toward predictable goals.

Mistake #10: Not Tracking Enough Performance Data

It’s impossible to optimize activities and processes without consistent tracking and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs).

Many network marketing companies fail to monitor enough insightful metrics beyond revenue and end up flying blind, unable to pinpoint issues areas dragging down performance.

How to Fix It:

  • Expand monitoring to include customer acquisition costs, conversion rates across the funnel, churn rates, distributor activity levels and more across marketing, sales, service, training, and finance.
  • Set up dashboards in tools like Google Data Studio for easy visualization of all critical metrics in one place.
  • Take time every quarter to analyze metrics and trends. Identify weak points and brainstorm campaigns to improve.
  • Share reports on company progress and areas targeted for growth with your team. Transparency and context are motivational.
  • Leverage data to spot demographic, geographic, or channels trends and double down on your strengths. The numbers don’t lie.
  • Continuously test new marketing initiatives, training programs, etc and track lift generated. Stick with what moves the needle.

With key metrics illuminated, you gain the ability to course correct quickly when numbers skew negative as well as replicate processes producing standout results.

Mistake #11: No Systems for Continuous Education

Top network marketers never stop honing their skills. But many companies lack structured programs to facilitate ongoing learning once basics are covered.

This slows team development, leadership bench depth, and adoption of best practices. Without expanding knowledge, reps plateau.

How to Fix It:

  • Institute weekly webinars from leadership on topics like relationship selling, social media recruiting, presentation skills, objection overcoming, personal development, tech tips etc.
  • Curate a library of your best pre-recorded trainings and make easily accessible on demand. Segment by topic.
  • Hold regular conferences and events featuring outside experts in sales, marketing, leadership, and other relevant domains to expand thinking.
  • Start mastermind groups around interests like retirement planning or parenting for deeper discussions beyond business.
  • Subsidize books and courses distributors can use to self-educate at their own pace. Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Audible for example.
  • Spotlight educational resources in company communications to reinforce the importance of continuous learning.

Ongoing education allows reps to scale skills faster and achieve bigger goals. Everyone has more to learn. An environment of learning lifts all boats.

Mistake #12: Not Celebrating and Recognizing Achievements

All the sales conferences and training in the world don’t have the motivational impact of sincere recognition. Yet many network marketing companies don’t consistently celebrate team and individual achievements.

This lack of acknowledgement leads to distributors feeling underappreciated. Their hard work goes unnoticed, gradually zapping morale.

How to Fix It:

  • Spotlight top performers and milestones reached in company meetings, newsletters, social media, and emails. Public praise builds pride.
  • Send new rank achievers recognition certificates and bonus rewards to commemorate their dedication.
  • Call out reps who go above and beyond to help teammates. Peer admiration is powerful.
  • Feature distributor stories in your blog. Submit standout stories to industry publications.
  • Organize awards programs like “Distributor of the Year” based on nominations and criteria like team growth, culture contribution, and community service.
  • Use software to trigger automatic congratulatory notifications and badges when milestones are recorded.
  • Provide leaders memorable trophies, plaques, or experiential rewards like vacations for reaching elite ranks.

Celebrating those who personify your values catalyzes further achievement company-wide. Distributors feel valued seeing their name in lights.

Avoid the Top Network Marketing Mistakes

In the complex world of multi-level marketing, missteps are inevitable. But awareness of the most damaging yet common errors I observe can help your company proactively sidestep them.

Detecting these problems early and having plans to address them prevents the minor issues of today from becoming the existential threats of tomorrow.

I hope this provides a helpful roadmap of what pitfalls to look out for and how to steer back on course stronger when they hit. We offer a free initial consultation to help you any assistance analyzing areas of risk exposure or developing strategies to build a more secure, stable business primed for growth. To schedule your consultation, click here.

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